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Ethiopian Homemade Spice Blend

Ethiopian Homemade Spice Blend Easy spice rub recipes have a few key ingredients and if you are wondering what spices to use for Mit’mit’a Ethiopian and Harissa African spice recipes look no further.
Ethiopian homemade spice blend is a trusted recipe for spice mixes.
Spice blends from around the world like Mit'mit'a Ethiopian herb and spice blend teaches us the art of traditional African cooking lies in the blending of herbs and spices to yield delicate distinctions in the flavor of food.
Mit’mit’a Ethiopian Spice Recipe
By The African Gourmet
April 2, 2018

Ethiopian Mit'mit'a spice recipe goes great with all types of grilled, fried and baked foods. Give homemade spice mixes for gifts Christmas or birthdays and you are an instant sensation. Dry spice rub recipes from Ethiopia are easy to make since you can find all the ingredients for the Ethiopian Mit'mit'a spice recipe at your local grocery store.

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 0
Yield: 3 ounces
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