Food African Proverbs with deeper meanings

Congolese Food African Proverbs with deeper meanings.

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Congolese food African proverbs show how the heritage of traditional food proverbs can have a ripple effect and spread out into every corner of the world. Food African Proverbs are a unique category of proverbs to the Congolese people of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the second largest country in Africa after Algeria.

Since 68% of the country is covered by forests, tillable farming land is uncommon due to conflict, displacement, volcanic activity and flooding causing food insecurity making subsistence farming the main process of families being able to eat. Food is a precious resource to many Congolese people as well as the cultural heritage of African Proverbs.

Congolese Food African Proverbs.

A sweet potato cannot be straightened.

He who asks questions can never eat toxic mushrooms.

Do not put a snake in a bag of groundnuts.

The day you are unfortunate even cold food burns you.

The weight of the salt is felt by the one carrying it.

One who eats a guinea fowl does not turn to look like a guinea fowl.

Prayers of the prey have no effect on the hunter.

No matter how much a person changes, goats will never lay eggs.

Teeth that are together help each other in chewing food.

The largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo is the capital Kinshasa formerly LĂ©opoldville, located in the west along the Congo River. Kinshasa has a total population of 15 million making it the most populous city in Africa. The Democratic Republic of Congo was ranked, as the hungriest country in the world in 2011 on the Worldwide Hunger Index, in 2020 there is no data.

Historically the main crops farmed are bananas, plantains, corn maize, millet, sorghum, cassava, nuts, palm oil, potatoes and beans besides keeping small stocks of cows, goats, and chickens. There are people who live from day to day thanks to their food farming knowledge.

Food African Proverbs with deeper meanings
More Congolese Food African Proverbs.

The cow that roams too much can’t produce milk.

Two hyenas meet either to steal bananas or steal maize.

Do not throw out a broken pot.

The eyes of the antelope stare at the butchers.

The maize grows for people who don’t have teeth.

Eating is better than clothing.

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